The CNC Ala project (Ala means “forest” in Malagasy), is a regeneration and permaculture project in central Madagascar where drought and deforestation have created desperate conditions for people, plants and animals. They need our help! Madagascar is home to a huge number of the worlds most exotic and endangered species, and 50% of households face real food insecurity.

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Problems that need solving


The consequences of deforestation are daunting and have harmed Madagascar’s biodiversity, soil, water, atmosphere and climate. A devastating 854,000 hectares of forest have been lost between 1990 and 2005 alone.


Severe drought has caused decades of food shortages in Madagascar leaving more than a million people without food security. A large portion of these face life-threatening famine-like conditions.

CNC Ala programs

  • Soils regeneration and erosion control
  • Rainwater retention and irrigation
  • Permaculture reforestation with endemic, aromatic and fruit tree species including the mighty Baobab
  • Establishing regenerative agriculture in local stakeholder communities to achieve economic and food autonomy
  • Establishment of nurseries and food forests
  • Teaching of regenerative practices and the value of permaculture over deforestation

Impacts of the CNC Ala project

CNC Ala Madagascar Project Drought Desert Desertification


Help reverse land degradation, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, desertification. Mitigate long term effects of climate change induced drought.


Improve nutrition, food security and training in sustainable agriculture for rural communities. Increase yield and revenue per m2.


Farmer’s children can go to school to learn about permaculture techniques to use on their farms. Community empowerment. Proof-of-concept that blockchain technologies can generate revenue to help communities in developing countries and protect our environment.


Shade and food production, carbon sequestration, promote and develop multi-use permaculture forestry practices.

Help us succeed

We would like to invite the Cardano community to participate in our ISPO by staking with CNC pools so that this impactful project can generate ongoing funding to successfully plant the CNC Ala. By staking with us, delegates get CNC tokens that will be redeemable for bespoke project specific NFT art collections from Cardano Proxies while funding the project.

The CNC token will be earned by ADA holders who stake with participating CNC Ala pools.

CNC tokens can be held long term, traded on open markets, will be redeemable for bespoke CNC Ala NFTs. It is intended that eventually CNC tokens will also be redeemable for tokenized carbon credits generated by CNC reforestation projects that offset the energy use of the Cardano blockchain.

CNC Token Climate Neutral Cardano

NFT artists

Cardano Proxies CNC Ala Madagascar Project Partner
Cardano Proxies

Full of passion and purpose Cardano Proxies is more than beautiful art. True utility and REAL community. Join our server to find out more.

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Earth Natives CNC Ala Madagascar Project Partner
Earth Natives

Mineral collection of NFTs raising awareness & sharing knowledge about sustainable construction using EARTH as a building material.

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Yummi Universe CNC Ala Madagascar Project Partner
Yummi Universe

Together with the Hungrynaru team we are building a Universe of Yummi Creatures. Join us, together we can start something incredible.

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M₳D₳'s Lemur CNC Ala Madagascar Project Partner
M₳D₳’s Lemur

Unique NFTs artwork inspired from real lemur species. Our CNFT collection will feature the living species represented by 5 families and extinct species.

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Project summary

CNC project in central Madagascar (Ranomafana and Fianarantsoa locations).


Plant 100,000 plants (not just trees), including shade and fruit trees using permaculture techniques on 20 hectares of land, as well as establishing food forests for diet and income. Drought mitigation, education, water retention, soils regeneration and community empowerment.


Raise $300,000


Tetikasa Ala NGO, Climate Neutral Cardano, Cardano Proxies, Yummi Universe, Earth Natives, Mada Lemurs, and you, the community! Also with the help of our partners BlockCarbon, Cardano4Climate, Cardano Foundation, and IOG.


Two ways to participate:

1. Stake ADA with participating CNC pools, (we donate 20% of our pool rewards to fund the project at no cost to you), and you get CNC tokens to hold, trade or redeem for custom NFTs.

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2. Donate to the project directly with ADA to get CNC tokens, without staking (donation site to be opened soon)

First Goal

Our first goal of planting will be in Ranomafana, which contains the source for a lot of the native plants and will be the nursery for all sites. It is 3.6 hectare in size and will require about $50,000 as a first financial milestone for CNC Ala.


Phase one is 36 epochs or 6 months, starting July 2022


CNC token ISPO: see CNC website for launch dates


Max supply: 100 million


Token use:

  • Free circulation, trading and holding over time
  • Redeem for bespoke project specific art NFTs
  • Additional future token utility to be added over time

(Possible options under consideration are voting on future CNC project selection and redemption for tokenized carbon credits)

Stake with participating stake pools and help save a forest of life

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