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Climate Neutral Cardano is a Cardano Community group of climate-neutral Cardano Stake Pools

The Cardano community is making Cardano’s blockchain green!

The Cardano Foundation has announced Cardano’s first Global Impact Challenge. We have been partnering with the Cardano Foundation and Veritree to support the goal of planting 1 million trees for the Cardano Forest. According to our calculation, this would offset the power consumption of all nodes in the Cardano network by four times over.

Head over to the Veritree ITO page and plant some trees in the Cardano Forest!

You will also receive limited edition tree tokens for your donation.

About us

Climate Neutral Cardano Group (CNCG) is an alliance of Cardano stake pools committed to using 100% renewable energy for the operation of our stake pool servers. In addition, we donate a portion of our pool operator rewards to protect our climate and environment. CNCG is working together with the Cardano Community, institutions and external parties to achieve our common goal of making Cardano the most eco-friendly blockchain platform.

Find out more about our member stake pools here.

Blockchain is a technology that will change the future of the economy and society as much as the internet. In the media and public discussion, however, scepticism and resistance prevail at the moment – blockchain is associated, among other things, with serious environmental impacts due to high electricity consumption.

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This criticism is justified for the “Proof of Work” (PoW) concept of Bitcoin, Ethereum and crypto projects based on them. The electricity consumption to generate the blocks in Bitcoin alone is equivalent to the electricity consumption of Belgium or the Netherlands. This is indeed an unsustainable state of affairs in the face of increasing climate change. But there are alternatives.

The modern “Proof of Stake” (PoS) concept of the Cardano blockchain is up to 4 million times more energy-efficient than the Bitcoin protocol. This is equivalent to the power requirements of a few thousand inhabitants – and this for a technology that has the potential to replace the traditional, energy-intensive financial system with ATMs, money transports, money printers, federal banks, bank branches, etc. And the energy requirements of blockchain technology can be made completely climate-neutral. For this reason, the “Climate Neutral Blockchain Group” (CNBG) was founded for the Cardano Blockchain ( The Cardano stakepools participating in the alliance have committed to,

  1. operate their server infrastructure in a climate-neutral way and rely on 100% renewable energy from wind, water, sun or biomass
  2. use parts of their pool operator fees to donate to climate protection activities or compensation measures. This is used, for example, to plant trees for sustainable reforestation or to finance other offset measures.

The members of the CNBG agree that blockchain technology, as a modern technology of the future, must also be modern and sustainable in ecological terms. So far, there are only a few pools members of the alliance, but surveys among the roughly 2,500 pool operators of the Cardano blockchain show that there is great potential to really develop Cardano into the most significant and most climate-neutral blockchain. Already one third of the pools surveyed in April 2021 rely on renewable energies. And more than 75% consider the goal of a climate-neutral blockchain to be important or very important. 90% of the pool operators surveyed would convert their servers to use renewable energies to achieve this goal.

This makes it clear that making Cardano completely or largely climate neutral is a realistically achievable goal. As soon as it is possible for the Cardano blockchain to execute smart contracts (planned for summer 2021), many projects will move from the energy-intensive Ethereum to the more efficient Cardano blockchain. Cardano will thus take over a key unique selling point of Ethereum and develop it to a modernised form. With an additional climate neutrality, Cardano will finally become the blockchain technology of the future and gain acceptance. Stakepool operators can make a significant contribution to this by joining the CNBG’s goals.

How can we make Cardano climate neutral?

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Step 1

Plant  218,000  Trees*

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* to offset the power consumption of all nodes in the network.

Our Member Stake Pools


Our mission is connecting PoS blockchain technology and crypto enthusiasts with climate activists, to make Cardano the first climate-neutral blockchain.

ECO Pool

Our mission is to ensure maximum returns for our delegators and the planet. We donate 30% of our pool rewards to environmental charities to plant forests, clean oceans and fight for a green future.

twin staking

Providing a sustainable and reliable pool that is powered by renewable energy (solar power), while also helping to reduce/offset the carbon emission of the Cardano Blockchain by maintaining our own forest.

Cardano Cafe

CardanoCafe wants to support three key aspects in our world: mankind, nature and wildlife. I would like to bring social qualities to poor countries. I would like to protect nature and stop deforestation.

VITAL / Responsible Staking

We are focusing on running our pool in a maximum responsible way. This includes responsibility to our delegators, the environment, social stability and the Cardano network decentralization.


We’re excited about the potential of Cardano to enable a fairer financial future. At this point ADAvault is focussed on providing secure, ultra reliable staking, with very low fees. As Smart contracts become available we intend to develop further services.

ST4NA / Stake for Nature

We believe passionately that a better world is possible, and the answer to our environmental issues is found in people. Using Cardano’s decentralized financial system, we may obtain funding to support environmental organizations in their fight.

bio pool

Stake ADA with us to BIO pool and shape the future of our earth actively. Vote for an environmental organization from all over the world and decide for yourself which ones you want to support. Every vote counts and helps to protect our environment and to preserve it for our children.


Cardano has the potential to become a climate positive blockchain. We want to help translate the growth of blockchain and cryptocurrency into climate action. We host our Cardano stake pool on 100% renewable energy and contribute part of the returns to carbon draw-down projects.

ArmADA Stake Poo - ARM1

ArmADA Stake Pool is running on a global scale infrastructure since the Incentivized Test Net (ITN) in December 2019. ArmADA is donating 25% of the pool reward to #TEAMTREES – @ArborDay. Stake with us and we can save the planet. Goal: 10000 trees for 2021

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